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We are very delighted to welcome you to the PSC Convention Hall website and thank you for taking time to visit it. It is our pleasure that you take interest in our activities. We want to share as widely as possible whatever information PSC Convention hall has had. We are confident that you will be amazed with its outstanding facilities and impeccable services but in reasonable cost which make it one of the best places in Dhaka city for conferences, AGMs, seminars, exhibitions and weeding, and other social and cultural activities. The hall is in the heart of the business areas of the capital city and boasts a dramatic view of a wide green PSC landscape. We have world-class technical, dietary, catering and other services. We invest in the latest technologies and manage the professional audio-visual multimedia facilities. Let’s discover it for making your right choice. . Please have a look around the site and drop your feedback on the comment box. We appreciate every of your valuable thoughts. We are also keen to hear other issues that you think we should give focus on.


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